Sing “Hello, Hello” with us in lots of languages!

During lockdown in 2020, my daughter, Elyssa and I were inspired by a flags of the world game and set ourselves a fun little challenge – to sing my Hello, Hello song in as many languages as we could before she returned to school.

We managed to hit 30 languages and had so much fun learning how to say hello, goodbye, and count to three in each language! We spent lots of time researching each country, its landmarks, cuisine, as well as exploring our personal connection to family and friends from that country of origin. I shared our experience with family and friends on Facebook and it was a joy to connect in such a way during a difficult time for many.

You may have heard the Hello, Hello song in my kids podcast, Mother Tongue with Sirine on Kinderling Kids Radio. Hope you enjoy watching and singing along with us. Hello, Hello from our home to yours!

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Mother Tongue with Sirine – An award-winning multilingual podcast for kids

Created in partnership with Kinderling Kids Radio and winner of Best Use of Digital or Social Media at the NSW Government’s 2019 Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards. Each episode will have you exploring a vibrant culture you might not know so much about. Learn to say hello in Cantonese, goodbye in Koori, sing a song in Greek, or learn all about the Lebanese flag.

The idea came from my experience with my daughter; the Arabic kids songs my mother sang to me as a child stayed with me and I sang them to her when she was born. Elyssa is now 6 years old, and still loves these songs – she’ll never forget where they came from and we should never lose this connection with our language of origin.

Sharing language and culture brings kids closer together and sparks curiosity about the world, so hope you listen and enjoy!

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ABC Radio Sydney

Host of National Weekend Evenings every Friday night on ABC Radio Sydney.

Sirine Demachkie is a bilingual presenter and writer who has worked locally and internationally for 10 years across a diverse array of genres.

Sirine has worked with ABC Kids, ABC Radio, Channel 10, Kinderling Kids Radio and Football NSW. Sirine is on the Executive Committee for Media Diversity Australia, a nationwide not-for-profit organisation working to make our news media more reflective of all Australians.

She has also self-published two bilingual children’s books in both English and Arabic, inspired by her young, curly-haired, pocket-rocket daughter.

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NPL Live Show

Host of the Football NSW, NPL Live Show.

A brand new show, broadcasting coverage of the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues (NPL) NSW 2017 season. The NPL Live Show is live streamed directly to the NPL NSW Facebook page, with over 100,000 followers in a first for the PlayStation 4 NPL.

As host, I’m joined on the couch each week by players and coaches from across the competition, as well as some special guests throughout the season.

Looking back on the week that was and previewing the round ahead, the NPL Live Show offers fans of New South Wales clubs a midweek dose of football action, both on and off the pitch.

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Dubai TV Show – Sahbat (Best Friends), The Challenge

My first on-screen role was in Dubai. I hosted a brand new TV Reality/Game Show with Zee Networks, ‘Sahbat (Best Friends), The Challenge. A youth program which involved taking eight pairs of best friends on a journey of obstacles and adventures around the Dubai region (as well as in studio).

We challenged the contestants to prove which pair “were actually the best of friends.” It was a hoot! Presented in English and Arabic, Sahbat, The Challenge rated in the top five of Dubai’s new programs.

Presenter/Producer – Talking Arts

I’ve written, produced and presented interviews for various theatre productions across Sydney for Talking Arts – an online portal of news and entertainment for Sydney Theatre and the arts industry.

Lighten Up: Sirine talks with the writers, actors and directors of this hit show
Global Rhythms Music Festival: Sirine interviews Festival Host and MC

Speaker: Diversity in Business and the Arts

Audio Compilation: Radio 2ME Australia

2ME was my first professional broadcasting role in 2004 as presenter of the weekday evenings and Saturday morning shows. Some highlights for me during this time include; covering the 2004 Federal Election in Canberra, hosting live from the Easter Show and participating in a live outdoor broadcast for The Sydney Multicultural Festival at Homebush.

Radio 2ME caters to Australia’s culturally diverse population, offering a choice in niche broadcast to consumers who encompass ethnicity, language, culture and life experience that is borne out of the Middle Eastern migration to Australia. It’s a privilege to be part of bringing stories such as these to life across local, national and world news & current affairs, sport and entertainment.