I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember; from diaries in primary school to journalist on my high-school newspaper. As a grown up, writing content for multiple platforms across print, radio, online and TV – I love it!

Here is a selection of pieces I’ve written.

Force Your Child To Learn Another Language, They’ll One Day Thank You For It (In More Than One Tongue)

In Australia, the experience of other countries and cultures is mostly embraced through food. And I believe, we are really missing out.

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Kellogs Book Kingdom Breakfast: The Grounds, Alexandria

…..As I’m about to enter the Kellogs Book Kingdom – Breakfast Booking Reading in The Grounds, Alexandria, I’m immediately transported to a wondrous Wonderland as I walk along the yellow brick road and am greeted by Dorothy.

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Putting all the “u’s” and “I’s” back in “Mtcltralsm.”

My very first piece of journalistic writing was a feature for my high school newspaper on multiculturalism in Australia.